Are you striving for Excellence or Mediocrity? by Michael Linardi

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Do you REALLY want to achieve excellence?   I have spoken to many networking groups about stepping outside your comfort zone and being the absolute best in your industry.     Even though the message is basically the same it always amazes me just how much I get from others who write on the same topic. 

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Michael Linardi, Business and Executive Coach.  He was recently a guest on my radio show and you can listen to the show here.

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I was reminded recently of a discussion of Excellence. A while ago I met with a President of a company and his two executives. His two executives oversee the two divisions of his company. The president wanted me to work with his leadership team.

I was sharing some ideas of what I do and how we could work together and mentioned an all day seminar that I was getting ready to give for a group of executives. I told them that the name of the presentation was “Executive Excellence”. web domain list When they heard the name, the President and one of his executives got very excited about striving for excellence, the other executive, showed no interest or emotion about it.

Back in my office and later that afternoon I got a call from the president who said he wanted to hire me because the discussion of excellence and the response from his executives really hit the message home for him. He had a breakthrough moment.

He said Mike, I have two top people in my company and one lives in a state of excellence and one lives in mediocrity and if I allow that to continue my business will die a slow death.

“People who live above mediocrity and strive for excellence are those who become extraordinary”  “Those who live at or below mediocrity are those who settle”

Are you ready to step into Excellence?

Michael Linardi, MS, PCC (Professional Certified Coach) is a Business and Executive Coach and owner of Halcyon Coaching.

He supports Entrepreneurs and Executives to achieve HUGE success through harmony in their lives and their work.  Michael can be reached through his website at, email or phone 410-820-4757.

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