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Why Entrepreneurs are Doomed to Fail

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Why Entrepreneurs are Doomed to Fail   Entrepreneurs, unfortunately, have been conditioned to some degree that failure is good.  Many think failure is a rite of passage and look forward to getting the “failure” out of the way.  Others think failure is not an option but if they do fail it does not stop them.  Let me ask you: Are you struggling to identify the business idea that will be a money-maker? Are you stuck and don’t know how to get started or what to do next? Are you worried that you are not qualified or prepared to make it on your own? Are you afraid of failure? If...

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Are you striving for Excellence or Mediocrity? by Michael Linardi

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Do you REALLY want to achieve excellence?   I have spoken to many networking groups about stepping outside your comfort zone and being the absolute best in your industry.     Even though the message is basically the same it always amazes me just how much I get from others who write on the same topic.  It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Michael Linardi, Business and Executive Coach.  He was recently a guest on my radio show and you can listen to the show here.   I was reminded recently of a discussion of Excellence. A while ago I met with a President of a company and...

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Welcome to my new blog, Golden Business Nuggets, which was created as a place for me to jot down ideas about starting, growing or even preparing a business to sell.  If you are like me, you hear an idea, read a great article or have an epiphany but when you really need it…you can’t remember where you put it. This is my way to keep track with bits of information and share with others as well. If you have a “Golden Nugget” you want to share feel free to shoot it off to me and you can be a guest blogger. Be sure to visit frequently because I will be posting several times a...

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